Volunteering as a Teen or High School Student

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Volunteering as a Teen or High School Student (below the age of 18)

Volunteering abroad in high school is a great way to start exploring the world while making a difference! Whether it’s your first time abroad or you have traveled out of the country before, our programs are a unique opportunity you would not want to miss.  Teen volunteer projects are developed and organized with teens in mind. You will be immersed culturally in a local community with a group of 10-15 international teens from all over the world.

Gain confidence, take on a challenge, learn new skills, learn new language, meet new people, make a difference, and most importantly… HAVE FUN!

Your “EV project” is going to be a truly unforgettable experience! You will have the opportunity to meet many amazing and interesting people from all over the world, (‘carrying’ with them) their unique culture! You could be working together to build a playground – right from ground zero up – for the local children, or painting and decorating a school block/building, for instance.

Top Reasons to Volunteer Abroad whist in High School:

  • Not-Your-Usual-Summer-Vacation: Why lounge lazily around watching movies all summer when you can step out to see the world! Whether you have a favorite country you’ve always wanted to visit, or a certain activity you want to try out, we can help you find the perfect project to make your summer or break one you will never forget in a hurry.
  • Accountable Adventure: Whether it is your first time abroad or you have a few trips under your sleeve, you have come to the right place. We offer numerous safe and structured volunteer programs you (and your parents) can trust. You will be on the adventure of a lifetime, and you will be in safe hands.
  • Stand-Out Experience: Volunteering abroad is a one-of-a-kind experience that is highly respected by both universities and employers. It is a unique and productive use of time and shows a ‘go-get-it’ attitude, something that can set you apart from others when applying for colleges and jobs. The experience is also a great resume booster and many students focus their college/tertiary application essays on their volunteer experiences.
  • Learn and Grow: Volunteering with other students from all over the world while experiencing another culture is a great way to learn about others and, in turn, oneself. Our programs offer an exciting way to connect and learn about communities other than your own. Volunteering abroad, whilst in high school, fosters a great sense of maturity, responsibility and confidence.
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