Newly Completed Project

Newly Completed Project REPORT ON A RENOVATION ORGANISED BY EARTH VOLUNTEERS AT SOCIAL WELFARE – MADINA IN THE NATIONAL DAY CARE SCHOOL. TASK FORCE A four (4) member team of earth volunteers organized a day renovation work camp at Social Welfare Day Care School. The school had lack of efficient

Donation to an Orphanage

As Africa mark AU Day, Earth Volunteers visited a community in the central region of Ghana known as Gomoa Buduata. The community has an orphanage named Gomoa Buduata Orphanage. Earth Volunteers celebrited the day with orphan in the home to bring smiles in these children in the orphanage by

Party for the Aged

Gomoa East is in the central region (southern part) of Ghana. Gomoa East is one of the poorest district in Ghana, and as such many of its citizens live below the $1 per day. This has effect on the elderly because they are the ones with less energy to move to urban centers to work. As social

Ampia-Ajumako community

In the same Ampia-Ajumako community Earth Volunteers connected the school to the nation water system to help the school and people living around its environment to have access to portable water. As to portable water is a right not a privilege and Earth Volunteers is helping schools and

Jinfrono is a farming community

Jinfrono is a farming community in the North Gonja district of Northern region of Ghana. It is predominantly farmers with their children living with them. Majority of the houses in Jinfrono is Mud houses with straw roofing. As seen in the picture majority of the residents of this community have