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Earth Volunteers, with acronym (EV) is a non-political, non-religious, non-sectarian, and non-profit voluntary organization. EV is international development-oriented, and was founded in January, 2005, by Mr. Joshua Grant and a group of friends. Specifically, Earth Volunteers was duly registered/incorporated under the Companies Code, 1963(Act 179) on the 21st day of January, 2005, in Accra, Ghana. The liability of its members is limited by guarantee. The certificate of registration bears the number: G. 14,739.

The operational office of Earth Volunteers (EV) is situated in Madina, a suburb of Accra; in the La-Nkwantanang-Madina Municipal District. It is one of the sixteen (16) districts in the Greater-Accra Region of southeastern Ghana. Madina is close to the University of Ghana and University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA). Madina is the twelve (12) most populous settlement in Ghana, with a population of 137,162 people (source: Ghana Population Census, 2012).

Our Motto

The motto of Earth Volunteers is: Protecting the Earth Together.

Our Vision

The vision of EV is to see a world without poverty and social exclusion.

Our Mission

The mission of EV is simply to bring people together to fight poverty and social exclusion through the vehicle of dedicated and selfless volunteerism.

Our unique role in international development is to place committed volunteers with carefully selected organizations so that their skills can generate the greatest value and effect.

We know, for instance, from years of experience, that when teachers pass their skills on to others, community groups get exposed to reliable sources of income, and governments help to make systems fairer; lasting change does take place.

Our Values

  • By thinking globally, and acting locally, we can transform the world
  • Progress is only possible by working and pulling in one accord
  • Knowledge is our most potent tool
  • Individuals are the best agents of change
  • In a journey of a thousand miles, the maiden step is the most vital


  • Earth Volunteers (EV), as a non-profit organization, offers various voluntary service opportunities to interested public-spirited individuals and groups within Ghana and around the world.
  • Earth Volunteers (EV) organizes, promotes and supports voluntary service opportunities in Ghana and abroad as an effective means of intercultural education, service learning, peace building, community development, and empowerment.
  • EV empowers host communities to work co-operatively for environmental sustainability, self-help, social justice, and peace.
  • EV provides opportunities for volunteers to develop leadership skills and global connections. EV does advocate for civic engagement and encourage volunteers to apply their new skills as citizen diplomats, community activists and global leaders.


Earth Volunteers (EV) seeks to passionately pursue the following objectives – in line with its status as an international development-oriented organization:

  • Promote education in communities
  • Empower women to create wealth through the provision of financial and technical support
  • Promote rural and community development
  • Educate the general public on the importance of environmental protection
  • Sensitize the society on the negative effects of drug abuse, especially on the youth
  • Partake in charity donations/initiatives in support of the poor and needy in society


Some recent projects and programs organized by EV include the following:

  • ICT Training
  • HIV/AIDS Program
  • Holidays Games
  • A Week-long Clean-up Exercise
  • A-Joint EV and Solidarity for African Development (SADEP) and UK Workcamp
  • Seminar
  • Play Soccer Made Peace Activity
  • Provision of Portable Pipe-borne Water to a School in the Central Region
  • Healthy Lifestyle Session at the St. Roses Secondary School
  • Donation of Goggles to Ten Women Engaged in Small-scale Quarrying; on 22nd August, 2008
  • Donation of Clothes to the Upper East Orphanage Home (God’s Love Ministry)
  • End-of-Year Party organized for the aged at Gomoa East in the Central Region; in 2014


The following individuals, who work pro bono and, largely, on part-time basis, are the Executive Officers of Earth Volunteers:

  1. Joshua Grant, is the Founder and Chairman, also responsible for monitoring and co-ordination of projects/programs. Joshua is an Electrical Technician, with many years of voluntary experience;
  2. Georgina Torkornu, General Secretary. Georgina has a background in Business Administration and Management;
  3. Jacob Asigeh, Communication Director. Jacob is a Social Worker, with many years of voluntary experience and in leading workcamps;
  4. Manny Akorli, International Correspondent/Liaison. Manny is an HR Professional, with many years of voluntary experience and in leading workcamps – both locally and abroad;
  5. Esther Otoo, Treasurer. Esther is a Social Worker;
  6. Ebenezer Ameah, ICT Officer. Ebenezer is an IT Specialist;
  7. Godwin Torkornoo, Organizing Secretary In the UK;
  8. Joseph Appiah, Research and Evaluation. Joseph is a Development Professional, with a vast experience in international development work.



Earth Volunteers is affiliated to the under-listed organizations:

  • International Association for Volunteers Efforts
  • Civic Commission for Africa and SADEP-Ghana
  • International Council of Social Welfare (ICSW)
  • World Association of N.G.Os (WANGO)

More or further affiliations are being sought with partner organizations across the world.

What is International Voluntary Service?

The Earth Volunteers (EV) – as an international development-oriented organization – is modeled on the tenets and characteristics of International Voluntary Service. Hence, it would be most appropriate to explain what International Voluntary Service is all about.

The idea of International Voluntary Service came from a Swiss pacifist, Pierre Ceresole, following the First World War. His motto was “Deeds not words.” Not able to sit idly, he searched for the “moral equivalent for war,” and the concept of international workcamps was born. He founded “Service Civil International” (SCI) with its emphasis upon constructive, voluntary service for peace through international work camps in devastated and conflict areas.

After World War II, international voluntary service projects brought former enemy populations together in solidarity. In 1948, with the support of the recently established United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) was created to coordinate these new international voluntary service organizations. In 2008, CCIVS celebrated its 60th anniversary!

EV seeks to work with large network organizations worldwide to promote IVS projects, historically known as “workcamps”. Through our international alliances, EV shall exchange a high number of volunteers each year; who will work together to help communities meet local needs and some of the goals of the United Nation’s Millennium Declaration.


The projects of Earth Volunteers (EV) are developed in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders to meet local community and service-user needs. The projects are classified under short, middle, and long term categorizations.

Short Term Volunteer (STV) Projects

Typically, you arrive on the same day with your fellow volunteers (usually about 10 or more other people from 3 or more different countries). You will be greeted by your project leaders, who will accompany you during the entire experience.  All the volunteers and project leaders live together, work together, cook together, explore together, toil together, and have fun together.

Length: 2-3 weeks

Project Fee: Euros 350

Typical Accommodation: Can vary from dormitories (dorms), camping tents, host families, schools, churches, and more.

Experience Level: Perfect for all ages and all levels of travel experience! All that is required is stamina, enthusiasm, and sunshine-smile.

Long Term Volunteer (LTV) Projects

In many communities that we have been working over the years, we have developed very close relationships with our local partner organizations and community members. These projects are typically our most diverse types of projects and can range anywhere from one week to a year in length. These projects are less structured and are great for volunteers looking to craft a personalized experience. You select the dates you arrive and depart. Choose from a variety of work types and work with the community members to craft your own experience.  Great for student groups looking to customize their experience.

Length: 6 month to 1 year

Program Fee: Euros 300 per month

Typical Accommodation: Single placements are usually with a host family. Groups should specify if they prefer host families or dormitory stays.

Experience Level: Varied. There is no guarantee that other volunteers will be working in the community when you arrive. These projects are tailored to the taste and preferences of volunteers.

Long-term projects are recommended for confident travelers prepared to be fully immersed in local culture, a couple or group that wants to serve together.

Medium Term Volunteer (MTV) Projects

Volunteers arrive on the same day (usually about 1-5 international volunteers) and attend an orientation hosted by a project leader to help the volunteers acclimate to the country, the community, and the project.  Volunteers will be transported to their accommodations by the project leader, and slowly given more independence throughout the duration of the project. Volunteers will not be accompanied the entire time by a project leader, but will always have them for support when needed.  The projects offer a more independent and cultural immersion experience.

Length: 1 to 6 months

Program Fee: Euros 300 per month

Typical Accommodation: Host Family or Dormitory

Experience Level: This may be ideal for students looking to volunteer over the summer or a semester in their area of study. Some local language knowledge may be required.

Only open to volunteers aged 18 and older.



The following are some of the reasons for you to volunteer:

What is an Earth Volunteers (EV) Teen Project like?

Our teen volunteer opportunities abroad are unique because you are living and working with volunteers from three or more countries. In only a few days you become a big, international family. Each project has at least one leader who also lives with the group. In addition to working on your volunteer project 4-6 hours a day, you will also work together to prepare meals, plan leisure time activities, and explore the local community and culture.

Each teen project has pre-determined start and end dates. Most projects are two weeks long. You are responsible to arrive at the project meeting point on the first day of the camp. On the last day everyone says an unhappy goodbye.

Each teen project has a specific work theme. You choose what interests you. You can find projects renovating castles or schools, building hiking trails, running day camps for kids, planting trees, painting murals and more.

Most teen camps have an extra fee payable on arrival. These funds go to the non-profit organization that is hosting you and help to cover the costs of leadership, accommodation, meals, cultural activities, and work materials. The extra fee is typically between Euros 50 – 200.

To participate in an EV project, is to work and live among other volunteers for a specified period of time; learning what it means to be part of a team. You will learn that every decision a group member makes affects the entire team, for good or bad.  You will meet wonderful people that you might never have had the chance to know without the project. You will have the opportunity to learn about yourself and how to became more independent/co-operative and responsible.

Earth Volunteers (EV) is aspiring to become a member organization of CCIVS at UNESCO, Service Civil International and the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations. All teen projects are regulated through a global collaboration of these international voluntary service networks to ensure the safety and positive experience of all participants.

Volunteering as a College Student

College is about finding your path and advancing yourself and your life into the future. Volunteering abroad is an excellent way to do just that! By choosing a project in your area of study you can gain unique and valuable experiences to add to your degree. You can gain hands-on experience in what you learn about in the classroom, and have an unforgettable time doing same.

College volunteering abroad is definitely recommended for any student, because the experience is just one that cannot be recreated by staying within your boundaries. It challenges you outside of your comfort zone, but in a meaningful way where you get to give back to society.

Top Reasons to Volunteer Abroad whist still in College:

  • Better Prepared for College: Your time volunteering on our programs will no doubt prepare you well for many of the experiences that you will face in college. Volunteering abroad gives you a sense of independence and is a great way to build self-confidence. From meeting new people, to time-management to working in groups, there are countless lessons to be learned volunteering abroad that overlap with college experiences as well.
  • Hands-on Experience: Instead of just taking notes and studying your area of interest, why not directly experience it? We offer many different volunteer opportunities that you can search for by selecting your work type of interest. It’s easy to find the perfect fit.
  • Earn College Credit: Although our programs are not designed to directly offer specific college credit, many students successfully talk to their advisers and deans to create an independent study option and we are happy to help in that process to create a good fit.
  • Flexible Dates: Whether you’re looking to volunteer over spring break, winter break or the summer we offer many different length volunteer opportunities that can fit into your schedule. Although the majority of programs are most active in the summer months, we have year-round programs as well.
  • Productive Summer Break: Instead of going home for the summer, eating all the free food in your parents’ fridge and binge watching movies, why not have the adventure of a lifetime! Not only will volunteering abroad be much more exciting than a summer back home, you will gain skills, friends and memories that will stay with you forever. Whether you are looking for a short term project of a few weeks, or a whole summer’s worth of volunteering, we have several opportunities for you.
  • Stand Out to Employers: An international volunteer experience on your resume jumps off the page to potential career and internship employers. It shows that you took initiative and wanted to go above and beyond the normal college experience to learn more about the world outside of your campus.

I’ve just got to say, this was one of the best experiences I have ever had.  I love telling people about it!  I am still in contact with some of my friends that I met there.  We have a Facebook group to keep in contact and I plan to visit some of them after I graduate next year.” This was comment from a past and satisfied college volunteer abroad.

Volunteering after College

Many of our volunteers and from our partner organizations tend to be recent college graduates; and we find that this is an ideal time of life to do a volunteer project abroad. You have the background and the education of college to help guide your experience abroad, and the freedom and time before starting a career.

Top Reasons to Volunteer as a Recent Graduate

  • Further Your Expertise: Many students get out of college with a solid academic background in their areas of interest, but are lacking real-life experience in the field. Volunteering abroad can help you to further your skills and knowledge, giving you more confidence and direction on your path of interest.
  • Explore Your Interests: Maybe you want to learn about new areas of interest unrelated to their degree or get experience in another field to compliment what you already have a background in. Searching our available list of volunteer projects, by the type of volunteer work, is a great way to find the perfect volunteer opportunity in exactly the area you want to explore more in-depth.
  • Stand Out To Employers: An international volunteer experience on your resume will jump off the page to future employers. Not only will it be a unique experience to talk about in interviews but it shows ambition, willingness to try new things and diversity. The skills you gain volunteering abroad can translate into valuable skills to carry into the workplace and can set you apart from other applicants.
  • Prepare for the ‘Real World’: Life after college is a whole other world. Volunteering abroad is a great way to prepare you for the challenges and experiences that come with ‘adult life’. Many volunteers say the most valuable skills they learn while abroad include: working cohesively in groups, leadership, cultural understanding and gaining a greater sense of responsibility and maturity, to name a few.

“Volunteering anywhere that is foreign to you, whether it be foreign geographically, culturally or recreationally, is an experience of a lifetime and should not be passed up. Not only will you broaden your awareness of other ways of life, you will discover great things within yourself that might have otherwise gone unnoticed and been wasted.” This was a remark by an ex-volunteer.

Volunteering As an Adult

No longer consider yourself a recent college graduate? Looking for something meaningful to do on a vacation? Retired with time to give towards a cause? No matter what path you are on in adulthood, volunteering abroad is a wonderful way to give back to the world while having an unforgettable experience in another culture. As an adult, you will bring years of unique skills and experiences to the program of your choosing and will be able to share your knowledge and passions in a meaningful way.

Top Reasons to Volunteer as an Adult

  • Further Explore Your Interests: Maybe you want to learn about new areas of interest unrelated to your field of work or gain new skills and experiences in an area you have always been intrigued by. Or maybe you want to gain more hands-on experience to launch your career to the next level. Searching our list of available volunteer projects, by the type of volunteer work, is a great way to find the perfect volunteer opportunity in exactly the area you want to explore more in-depth.
  • Share Your Diverse Skills: Compared to some younger volunteers, you have years of experience and a diverse and copious set of skills to bring to the table. This lets you share your knowledge and passion with others and can really help grow and advance a program abroad. And if you are looking to volunteer in a completely new area, do not worry, half the fun is learning new skills to bring into your life back home!
  • Make Your Vacation Count: We all know that vacation time is precious, so why not use it to do something different, create a meaningful impact and have a unique adventure all at the same time. Most of our volunteer programs are 2-3 weeks long and can fit perfectly into your vacation schedule. Adventure beckons!

“I am a fifty year old woman and this is my second VFP trip I have taken.  In 2010 I traveled to Tanzania to help teach English for a few weeks and was apprehensive only to be older than most of the other volunteers.  Even though I was older I never felt an age difference or even cultural difference.  It seems as though the people involved in these trips are unselfish and most caring…willing to open their hearts and bare their souls.  VFP follows an easy itinerary and is very organized – I can’t speak highly enough of you!” This was a testimony by a middle-aged ex-volunteer from a sister organization abroad, from whom we are seeking partnership/collaboration.



All enquiries and correspondence should be addressed to:

The General Secretary,

Earth Volunteers, Box SD 247,

Accra Sports Stadium,


Tel: +233-50-417-0836

Email: earthvolu817@gmail.com


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